Julia Thrush, Association of Continence Professionals
Julia Thrush
Bladder and bowel specialist nurse
Association of Continence Professionals

I qualified as a nurse in 1992, developing an interest and a passion for continence promotion and education early in my career as I was involved in both a continence link nurse scheme and development and delivery of training within secondary care. These experiences sparked a desire to specialise in continence, and I began working as a Bladder and Bowel Continence Specialist in 2001. My role now involves service development both within our organisation and the wider area, working with local specialist bladder and bowel teams within primary, secondary, and tertiary care, continence education, managing my own caseload of complex bladder and bowel patients, and, supporting and supervising other team members to do the same. I have been a member of the Association of Continence Professionals for many years and recently joined the Executive Committee, allowing me to develop my professional experience and help influence the future direction of Continence Care nationally.