Jamie Caddoo, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
Jamie Caddoo
Deputy charge nurse
Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

I have been a deputy charge nurse in forensic inpatient services in the Belfast trust. I have worked here since 2005 originally as a health care assistant then subsequently completing my Open University nursing degree in 2018. I worked as a band 5 for 3 years then I progressed onto a deputy charge nurse role. In 2023, my team in ward 1 Shannon Clinic commenced a Quality improvement (QI) to reduce the incidences of violence and aggression and we launched a strategy called RAID (reinforcing appropriate, imploding destructive) to help reduce the level and volatility of incidents by patients but also to support the nursing team and wider MDT members by ensuring good post incidents de-briefs and supervision from senior staff. Also, QI projects in all areas of the patient’s therapeutic timetables were commenced to allow for a more constructive and recovery focused methodology.