Kath Evans, Barts Health/North East London ICS
Kath Evans
Director of nursing (children)
Barts Health/North East London ICS

Kath is an accomplished healthcare professional with a diverse and impactful career spanning clinical, educational, managerial, and leadership roles. As a registered general and children's nurse, she has made significant contributions to the healthcare field. Currently serving as the Director of Children's Nursing at Barts Health, Kath plays a vital role in ensuring the well-being of young patients and the effective functioning of healthcare services. Her commitment to improving healthcare extends to her role as Clinical Lead for the 0-25 Transformation Programme at the North East London Integrated Care System. One of Kath's defining qualities is her unwavering commitment to community engagement and participation. She passionately works to bridge the gap between healthcare, education, the voluntary sector, and the broader community. Kath's is influential in securing in collaborative and holistic approaches to health and social care services, and uses her voice and influence to shape healthcare policy and practice.