Clinical Research Nursing


Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: Stroke Trial Tracker

Manual screening of patients on the stroke pathway was time consuming and prone to human error – patients were missed, classified incorrectly or screened multiple times by different people. Trial Tracker was designed to streamline the screening and management of patients suitable for research studies. Utilising existing hospital IT systems, it populates relevant patient data and links any pertinent information that has been added manually. Algorithms allow patients to be screened simultaneously for their suitability for multiple research studies, and follow-up to be coordinated in line with trial protocols. Trial Tracker has cut screening time by >80%, accurate and secure data is available to all members of the stroke research team, and accurate audits trails can be kept.


Medway NHS Foundation Trust: Under-served lung research

A survey for people with, or at high risk of, lung disease was designed to ascertain why recruitment to relevant research was poor. A focus group held with the public highlighted a lack of awareness that the trust conducted research and what it involved. A list of ideas to implement was developed with members of the public and work with clinical teams was undertaken to set up research relating to more disease areas such as asthma and lung cancer.

Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust: Luton, Essex and Hearts Valley Primary Care Research Team

The team was hosted by Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust and knowledge was shared. This led to the establishment of a data processing agreement, enabling members of the team to access practice-sensitive data to support research-active practices and carry out study-specific activities. This resulted in more practices and participants wanting to be involved in research, and research was expanded into previously untapped settings.

NIHR Imperial Clinical Research Facility: Caring for staff, caring for patients: creating a culture of sustainable success

A quality improvement initiative was launched to address low staff morale and retention, and enhance care quality. A survey revealed areas for improvement, which led to training programmes on patient safety, evidence-based practice and communication being developed. Regular evaluations and feedback sessions were held to monitor and develop staff competencies. Wellbeing and team-building sessions were held to boost morale.

Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust: Grounded Research

This project aimed to build research capacity (particularly among non-medical staff), embed a research culture at the trust and integrate research with clinical practice. The Community of Research Practice was established and research-interested practitioners invited to bi-monthly sessions. Events were held to raise awareness about research and dialogue with service users increased patient/public involvement.

Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust: 0-19 Research Network (Yorkshire and Humber)

The 0-19 Research Network and Research Champion Programme was set up to support and increase the participation of children and families in public health research, and build professionals’ research capacity. Research champion roles were created across the region, along with a First Steps programme and events to raise awareness. These led to eight project applications being made and funded.