Donato Tallo, Royal College of Nursing (South East Region)
Donato Tallo
Senior regional officer
Royal College of Nursing (South East Region)

I was an undergraduate student at the University of Brighton and spent the earlier part of my clinical practice working in trauma and orthopaedics and general surgical nursing, I also have acute medical experience and have worked in complex discharge and practice education roles. Alongside my clinical practice I have always been active in the RCN and in September 2021 was appointed as a full time senior regional officer in the South East Region. In 2021 I engaged with a Florence Nightingale Emerging Leadership Scholarship and have a close association with Nursing Times. My particular interests include leadership, development, employee engagement, workforce safety, psychological safety, wound care, policy development, trade union engagement, international recruitment, fairness, equality, equity, diversity and accountability (to name but a few!)