Rosetta West, London South Bank University
Rosetta West
Senior lecturer
London South Bank University

I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Health and Social Care. I joined LSBU in 2005 having previously worked at Thames Valley University and The National Health Service. I teach Pre-registration and Post-registration Adult Nursing, teaching Pharmacology, Safe and Effective Practice, Public health, and Diabetes Management, along with skills for nursing. I am passionate about Education for Sustainable Development and Diabetes Management from a Generalist Registered Nurse’s perspective because of their real-world significance. My Doctoral research focused on Lecturers’ Understanding of Education for Sustainable Development. Through my above Doctoral research, I have published and presented nationally at the Edinburgh Royal College of Nursing Research Conference in 2016 and internationally at University of Technology, Jamaica, 3rd Biennial International Nursing and Midwifery Research Conference 2017. I lead and develop the Diabetes Management Post Registration Module for generalist registered nurses rather than specialist nurses. This module has grown in significance as the disease and its complications present a global challenge. The generalist is required to maintain education, prevention, and management of the Diabetes condition. Assessed at levels 6 and 7, the participants must critically address an area of practice and its sustainable evidenced remedy. In addition to philanthropic endeavours, my professional experience among other things is also used to coach the Council of Deans for Health 150 Leaders Programme.