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L&R has more than 160 years’ experience producing outstanding wound care and compression products and supporting clinicians to deliver improved outcomes in chronic wound management.  

L&R’s unique combination of market leading products, such as Activa® and Actilymph® hosiery, ReadyWrap™ and Debrisoft®, together with RCN accredited eLearning and innovative training tools are backed up by a nationwide training team who ensure clinicians confidently select the right product, every time.

L&R are committed to improving the quality of life for those with chronic wounds and are passionately driving the Every Moment Matters campaign in the U.K to raise awareness of the need to drive best practice for the 730,000 leg ulcer patients in the U.K. L&R are delighted to sponsor the award for Innovation in Chronic Wound Management and to recognise the great work nurses are doing in this field. 

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